About us

MOR DIGITAL SYSTEMS has been created to promote the model approximation tools developed by Charles Poussot-Vassal and Pierre Vuillemin in their research activites at ONERA. Those tools have been initially exploited on studies related to the aeronautic industry. However, they address a problematic which is commonly encountered in a wider range of areas.

Indeed in various industries (aeronautic, automotive, energy, etc.) the analysis, control and optimisation of dynamical systems play a major role for the design of safer and more efficient systems. However, the complexity of the associated models may be a detrimental to their study thus highlighting the need for efficient model approximation methods. This is the problematic MOR DIGITAL SYSTEMS addresses.

The team


Engineer, Ph.D. in automatic control,

I graduated in engineering from Grenoble INP - ESISAR in 2005. I defended my Ph.D. in control and systems theory applied to the automotive industry at GIPSA-lab in 2008. After a post-doctoral position at Politecnico di Milano, I integrated ONERA in 2009 as permanent research scientist. There, my researches are dedicated to large-scale dynamical systems and the associated control applications. In 2019, I obtained my Habitilitation à Digier des Recherches (HdR). Since 2018, I actively participate in the creation of MOR DIGITAL SYSTEMS.


Engineer, Ph.D. in automatic control

After graduating from engineering school ENSEM in 2011, I completed a Ph.D. on large-scale dynamical model approximation at ONERA in 2014. After a quick post-doctoral position, I joined ONERA again in 2016 as a permanent research scientist in model approximation and optimisation. Since 2018, I am also actively participated in the MOR DIGITAL SYSTEMS initiative.